This month has been another busy one for the Teamwork Desk team. We’ve rolled out a new Billing update as well as support for forwarding to third parties on your phone. On top of all that news, we’re giving you a sneak peek over our developers shoulders and telling you what we’re we’re going to be releasing in the coming months.
Billing Update
Billing can be a tricky thing a lot of the time. In some apps you’ll find yourself scouring the interface trying to find your billing information. We want to make it easy as possible for you to understand your billing in Teamwork Desk. That’s why we updated the Billing section. Rather than having all your billing information in two screens we’ve now broken this down into five digestible sections; Subscription, Usage, Credit Details, Billing History, and Billing Settings. These five screens will make everything much easier to understand. Here’s an example of what the new layout looks like.
Billing History Teamwork Desk
Forwarding To Third Parties On Mobile
Sometimes a ticket requires some outside help. With Teamwork Desk’s third party forwarding you can recruit the help of your third party vendors, but rest assured that they will not directly communicate with your customers. Email forwarding is now supported on our iOS and Android apps. So you can recruit help on tickets from wherever you are at any time right from your mobile.
Coming Soon…
We’re working on some pretty great stuff at the moment. Take a look at what’s coming soon.
We’re working on building a framework that allows developers to integrate Teamwork Desk into their own apps. DeskKit will allow your customers to send feedback to your Teamwork Desk account directly from within your own iOS or Android App, allowing you to interact with your customers right where they are. This would mean that Teamwork Desk would integrate deeper into your world. The future is exciting.
We want to make Teamwork Desk the best help desk solution for everyone on the planet. That means making it accessible everywhere. That’s why we’re working on multiple languages in Teamwork Desk. Soon we’ll be able to say bonjour, hallo, ciao, cześć, 你好, hola and so much more on Teamwork Desk, making it even easier to collaborate with your team and customers all over the world.
That’s it for this month. As always feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.