Last month, we added some billing updates as well as support for forwarding to third parties on mobile. We also gave you a sneak peak into what our development team will be working on moving forward.
This month, the team have made a ton of under the hood improvements. One of those is a change to the look of the Teamwork Projects Integration. If you’re also a Teamwork Projects user, you will notice that above the reply section in a ticket, the number of messages and the task associated with that particular ticket will appear. It keeps it neat and it acts as a visual reminder that you have a related task you need to action.
The biggest area of focus for our team this month has been working on EU hosting for Teamwork Desk. If you recall, back in February, we mentioned that we were working on rolling out EU hosting for Teamwork Projects. Many of our Teamwork Desk customers use our helpdesk software in conjunction with Teamwork Projects. With this in mind, we made the decision that we needed to have the option of hosting all of our products in the EU.  We have a dedicated team working on this daily and hope to have a progress update for you next month.
For anyone that doesn’t know or needs a reminder, Safe Harbor, or Privacy Shield as it is now known, is a somewhat controversial topic that was much discussed toward the end of last year. It focuses on protecting the data rights of EU citizens and helps provide legal clarity to companies. Because this issue was so topical, many of our users approached us about the possibility of EU Hosting. This will be the core focus for our team over the coming weeks.
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