Teamwork Desk is really starting to prosper now. Every month brings with it a new set of useful features and updates. This month, the team has been working on forwarding tickets to third party vendors, automatic cc/bcc to external email addresses, as well as a number of small changes.
First up this month is the much sought after forwarding to third parties. It’s easy to use and you can set this up within a ticket. To forward an email, simply open a ticket thread. Where you see the tabs “reply” and “note”, “forward” is located right next to them. Select forward, enter the email address of the third party you wish to forward to and select send forward.  You can also forward a specific thread rather than the whole message by selecting the forward arrow on the top right hand side of the thread. Note: when the third party replies it will appear as a note and not as a reply to your customer. *Only available on the PRO plan.

Something else our users have been looking for is the option to automatically cc/bcc to an external email address. The team has also been working on that feature this month. If you have an inbox where a manager or supervisor needs to be copied on all the emails received in that particular inbox, you can add an automatic cc or bcc. To do this, select the settings tab on the lower left of your screen, click inboxes, choose the inbox you wish to add the setting to, scroll down and you will see “automatic email inclusion”. Add the email you want to cc/bcc and that’s it. From here on in, the email address you’ve added will be copied on every email in that inbox.*Only available on the PRO plan. 

Some of the other updates to Teamwork Desk this month include:

  • Reports now load much faster and loading icons are displayed while fetching results.
  • The ticket sidebar has been reorganized.
  • New icons and options on ticket threads in the message view.
  • Improvements to the “Add New User” form, making adding part-time agents much easier.

So, that’s what the Teamwork Desk team have been up to in April. We look forward to hearing your feedback.