’s team scored in Barcelona – not at the famed Camp Nou against Messi & Co, but at MicroConf Europe 2016.
CEO Peter Coppinger and CMO Drew Sanocki led our winning team. MicroConf, an event for self-funded startups, was founded in 2011 by Mike Taber and Rob Walling who run the popular Startups for the Rest of Us podcast. You can hear their review of Microconf, “8 Key Takeaways from Microconf. 2016”, in their latest podcast.
Among the highlights for Peter Coppinger was Rob Walling’s fantastic talk called Game Changers, where he reflected on how tough it is to keep his SaaS going, but why he doesn’t want to accept funding.  
In his own talk, Peter Coppinger talked about his journey from developer/founder to CEO at and the lessons he has learned. It wasn’t all about building a good product, you also had to market and sell it. He also traced the evolution of the company and the problems and successes that followed.
Here’s a flavor of the reaction from Victor Purolnik’s blog post on MicroConf. Takes Center Stage at MicroConf
Drew Sanocki’s theme was how to double your business. Take one company he helped – Karmaloop. They had tried Adwords, social and blog outreach, traditional PR and affiliate programs to grow their business, but it was only when they focused on retention and not acquisition that they got the liftoff they needed.
He suggested three ways to aid your business: increase your average revenue per user, decrease churn, and increase the number of customers you have. The multiplier effect will have a profound and beneficial effect.
His talk certainly influenced a few listeners: Takes Center Stage at MicroConf
All in all a great conference experience by our team.