This month Teamwork Chat clocked up its 20 millionth message. Launched last year as’s first product to sit alongside Teamwork Projects, it was designed to help teams communicate in real time, especially useful when you have remote teams.
As we said back then, “We wanted to give you a tool to help you communicate with your team that was faster and more efficient than email and more in keeping with the way they use software to chat in their personal lives; and that’s what Teamwork Chat (beta) is all about – on a basic level you can think of it as a business grade version of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.”
Teamwork Chat allows you to have a quick conversation about a project, see support tickets, and create a task, all without leaving the app.
Since then Teamwork Chat has added many features – including some pretty cool ones this month – and integrated with Teamwork Desk. You can watch videos, listen to audio, view infographics and much more within your messages in Teamwork Chat.
You can also download the Teamwork Chat Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android for convenience.
As Teamwork Chat Product Lead Adam Lynch says, “Teamwork Chat is the glue between Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk.”
It’s all about connecting high-performance teams.