Just over a year old, and Teamwork Chat has really changed the way our whole team collaborate. We’ve come to rely on it a great deal to communicate and get things done around here.
Last month’s arrival of the Teamwork Chat Mobile App has drastically increased our productivity and collaboration. It is a huge success with our customers and we’ve got a ton of great feedback. The ability to connect with your team from wherever you are is a tough act to follow, but the Teamwork Chat team doesn’t tend to disappoint, and this month is no different.
We’ve been working on releasing two really great features this month and now is the time for the grand announcement. Please put your hands together for Third Party Cards and Sidebar Keyboard Shortcuts!

Third Party Cards

We’ve made it even easier to collaborate with your team. Now you can embed videos from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Google Videos, Vine, Facebook, and many more (almost 200 in total) into a Teamwork Chat message. You just need to send a link within a message and it  will show up as a card. You can watch videos and view the content of links without ever having to leave Teamwork Chat. See it in action here:

This is only the beginning of Third Party Cards for Teamwork Chat. Watch this space.
Note: There is a small issue with playing certain videos in our Mac OS X desktop app. In certain cases, depending on the encoding of the video, this issue may occur. If you encounter the issue, a message will display on a video you attempted to embed that says something like: Sorry, there has been a problem. Unfortunately, we need to wait for the underlying desktop app framework to fix the issue. It’s been reported and we’ll update you as soon as there’s a fix.

Sidebar Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are focused in a message or not, you can now navigate up and down through your conversations in your sidebar simply by using your keyboard.
Keyboard shortcuts in Teamwork Chat
Navigate through conversations in the sidebar by using alt+shift+w and alt+shift+s. This works everywhere in our Web and desktop apps, but in the desktop apps, typical shortcuts like ctrl+tab & ctrl+shift+tab also trigger this behavior. Additionally, you can use command+shift+[ and command+shift+] in the Mac OS X app.

These will help you search through messages, jump in and out of conversations as you please, thereby speeding up your communication time and allowing you to get on with things faster. After all, we are all about hyper productivity here at Teamwork.com.
What do you think of this month’s updates? Please let us know in the comments below.
As always, if you have any questions just send them in to support@teamwork.com.
Until next time!