We’ve always been upfront about our vision for Teamwork.com. We want to provide a suite of products that will power your entire business. The beauty of our vision is not only to provide a set of tools that will enable your teams to become highly productive, but also to make our products integrate seamlessly together so that you can work fluidly between all our tools.

Today marks another era of that vision of beautiful integration. Today is the day that Teamwork Chat starts talking within Teamwork Desk.

You might have noticed a new icon in your Teamwork Desk dashboard. There’s a speech bubble hovering above your avatar. Click on it to see what the hype is all about.  

Speech bubble. Teamwork Chat integration with Teamwork Desk

Once you click on that little speech bubble, your whole team will appear. Start up a conversation with any one of them in Teamwork Chat directly from Teamwork Desk. Have a question about a ticket or customer query? Now, it couldn’t be easier to collaborate with your team about any issue you come across. This is only the beginning. We’ve got big plans to make this integration slicker. So make sure you watch this space 😉

Teamwork Chat Integration with Teamwork Desk
Speech bubble. Teamwork Chat integration with Teamwork Desk
We’ve made a video that showcases the integration beautifully. Take a look at how you can start a Chat in Teamwork Desk.

What do you think of this integration?

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