Check out the latest updates to Teamwork Chat that enhance performance, security, and usability – and most importantly, keep your team productive!

Real-time communication and collaboration can be easy if you equip your team with the right tools. With Teamwork Chat, you can share ideas, discuss issues, and get feedback while your work keeps moving in the right direction. New changes to the app make sharing information simple, to helping you eliminate unnecessary meetings and keep your team productive.

1. More secure SSO login now available

Logging in to Teamwork Chat just got a whole lot easier with the addition of SSO and Google Login. Managing multiple usernames and passwords for a whole host of applications can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Single sign-on takes the pain away by using one single set of credentials to automatically sign you into multiple apps.

With SSO and Login with Google now available on Teamwork Chat, there’s one less set of login credentials you need to remember. Security is improved through the use of SSO because users have to remember one single, strong password instead of multiple complex passwords.

2. More details with every link

Send more information in a single link with Chat’s new Third Party Cards feature. These allow the sender and receiver of the message to get a preview of the site directly within Teamwork Chat before clicking the link. For example, sending a link for a blog post will provide a preview card like the one below, which gives the receiver an excellent preview in a single glance.

When sending a gif or video in chat, it will also now preview which site is being linked to the bottom left:

3. Improved performance and stability

High-performance teams need tools they can rely on, and Teamwork Chat is at the core of communication here at We’ve recently rebuilt both the web and desktop apps (Vue.js, for those of you who are interested) from scratch to achieve optimum performance and stability. Helping teams like yours to be successful is what makes us tick, so continually working to improve performance and speed is a priority for us to help you get work done.

Instantly move ideas from Chat to Projects

Finally, don’t forget that we have an integration with Teamwork Projects. This allows you to add tasks to a project directly from Chat which is helpful to ensure you don’t lose track of important ideas mentioned in conversation.

We always love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think in the comments below.
‘Til next time!