As the months roll by, the team is working hard on moving Teamwork Chat out of beta. The guys have kept their heads down again this month knocking some tasks off the to do list.  Since our last newsletter, Adrian has joined the Teamwork Chat Team. Adrian is an intern and will be working with Adam; the Teamwork Chat Product Lead and Jago who you will read more about in this month’s meet the team post. Although he’s still in college, Adrian is incredibly ambitious and has proven to be a great addition to Teamwork Chat.

This month, the guys have rolled out three new releases that contain some fixes that were needed.  The most significant change to come out of these releases is the sign in process.  This has been changed to a two field method sign in process so now sign in doesn’t ask for your team address anymore. Instead, it lists your accounts for you to choose from. If you only have one then it is auto selected.  Having the three field method proved to be a bit of a pain point with our users so this was a big priority to get changed this month and so far we’ve had a great response to this.  It’s back to the grind for another while though, this time next month we’re hoping to have the web version of Teamwork Chat (beta) up and running.

In the meantime we welcome your feedback. Remember, Teamwork Chat is still in beta, we know it’s not perfect (yet!) but we have an awesome product here and our users’ input is important to us as it’s built with you in mind.

Until next time.
The Teamwork Chat Crew.