At the time of writing this, over 12 million messages have been sent through Teamwork Chat. So, we think it’s safe to say Teamwork Chat gets teams talking. We’ve been receiving great feedback about our latest feature updates, including what you guys think of our Mobile Apps, Third Party Cards and Sidebar Keyboard Shortcuts. Please keep the feedback coming in so we can make our Teamwork Chat the best it can be.

This month, we’ve made some really nice updates on sharing images and attachments, furthering our integrations with Teamwork Projects, and improving our iOS app.


Previously, when you clicked on an attachment from your desktop app, be it an image or a file, the attachment would open up in your browser. Jumping back and forth between the app and your browser was time consuming and, to be honest, a little annoying. We want to make your experience of Teamwork Chat as easy and enjoyable as possible, that’s why we’ve worked hard on improving the way you view attachments in Teamwork Chat.

Image Attachments

A picture says a thousand words. In a land where we live and breath team productivity and collaboration, the faster way you can say a thousand words, the better. That’s why we improved the way you can view photo attachments in Teamwork Chat. Previously, when sending photos, once clicked, the image attachment would open up in a new tab in your browser. Now you can zoom, download, or view the image attachment on the web all from within the Teamwork Chat app. You can even pinch to zoom on mobile. So, you keep your time focused on writing messages to your colleagues and not loading images.


Non-image Attachments

Sending and receiving non-image attachments in Teamwork Chat is now more sophisticated. When you click on an attachment in your desktop app, you can now choose to where you want to save it to, so you organize your attachments however you please. When you click on an attachment in your browser, it will download the file instantly. This is a small improvement that we are all really loving over here at HQ.

Attachment Security Improvements

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, you might remember that when you clicked on a sent attachment in Teamwork Chat, it uploaded at a unique URL. We’ve made it so that this URL will now expire after 15 minutes and will only be available to view when someone is logged into Teamwork Chat and has access to the conversation in which the attachment was sent. This brings new levels of security on your files. This privacy improvement will not affect how you use the app, it’ll just make your files more secure.

Third Party Photo Cards

We’ve taken Third Party Cards a step further this month and made it possible for you to send Third Party Photo Cards in your messages. Now you can embed photos from the likes of Instagram, Flickr, Imgur, and many more (about 40 in total) within a Teamwork Chat message. You just need to send a link to a photo within a message and it will show up as a card. See it in action here:

Comment Cards

We’re keen to continue to make all three of our products integrate seamlessly with one another. Be it starting a chat with a user in Teamwork Projects or creating a task from within a message, we’re committed to making all our products sync. Now when you send a link to a comment in Teamwork Projects, it will show up as a card in your message. Just a small improvement to make this integration all the more seamless.
Comment Cards in Teamwork Chat | High Performance Blog

Mobile Improvements: Badge Count on iOS

We’ve made more improvements to our iOS app. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, how many new messages you have in Teamwork Chat by the snazzy new badge counter on the the app’s icon.
iOS Badge count Teamwork Chat | High Performance Blog

Coming Soon

Just to entice you even further, here is a sneak peek of our upcoming features for Teamwork Chat. We’re working on some performance improvements and reducing memory usage, as well as:

  • API
  • Bots (prepared third-party bots and a bot API/platform)
  • Conversation switcher
  • Deeper integrations with Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects
  • Email improvements
  • Independent signup
  • Linux desktop app
  • More third-party integrations (including cards, bots, etc.)
  • Native (Android & iOS) mobile apps
  • Noise reduction (do not disturb, muting, notification settings, etc.)
  • Opening Teamwork Chat to invited users outside the owner company
  • Search

That’s All Folks

That’s it for this month. Be sure to let us know what you think of our latest features in the comments below.
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P.S Adam, Head of Teamwork Chat, has written a fantastic review of the development of Teamwork Chat to date. Make sure to check it out.