When using the Teamwork Web App you can start a timer for any task that you are currently working on. When the timer is complete you can log the time directly to the task and add a description to the new time log entry.
This month we’ve also extended this form to include the hours and minutes to be logged so you can adjust them to account for lunch breaks, etc.
Task Timer: Improvements to logging time
We’ve also added a new keyboard shortcut so when you are looking at your list of tasks you can put the mouse over the task name and press T to bring up the Log Time dialog for that task. This shaves two mouse clicks off the effort to log time on a particular task – especially handy if you need to log time on multiple tasks in a list.
We didn’t stop there though. When you log time on a task, we’ve added a new checkbox to also complete the task when the time is being logged. Again this saves a few clicks off the process of logging time on a task and marking the task as complete.
Task Timer: Improvements to logging time
Logging time is very important and a core feature of Teamwork. We have more great additions coming down the line to make logging time less of a chore, and we’d love to gather more ideas so drop us a comment on this post with your thoughts.
PS: Don’t forget to install the Teamwork Desktop Timer App to make time logging easier