Build your network and streamline your workflow by adding contacts, companies, leads, and opportunities in Teamwork CRM directly from emails in your Gmail inbox. Free your team to focus on what matters with the Gmail add-on for Teamwork CRM. This new add-on eliminates time wasted switching back and forth between tabs and windows and allows you to add valuable sales information to Teamwork CRM directly from an email in your Gmail inbox.  If your team uses Gmail to communicate with prospects and clients, then this is an essential add-on for streamlining your workflow — helping you to close deals faster. Here’s how it works: an email comes into your sales inbox and the person contacting you has expressed interest in your product or service (hurrah!). At this point, it’s safe to say they can be considered a lead. From the email, simply click on the Gmail add-on for Teamwork CRM on the right-hand panel of your inbox and select Add lead. From here, you can select the pipeline you want to add the lead to, the associated stage, contact and company info, lead title, industry, and source. You can also add an activity to follow up within a week as a reminder for yourself. If you’ve created any custom fields in your lead, opportunity, contact or company forms in Teamwork CRM, these will also appear in the Gmail add-on — meaning you can capture all the important information right from your Gmail inbox. The add-on works the same as above when adding opportunities, contacts, and companies from email.  Install the Gmail add-on for Teamwork CRM

Google add-ons and the Teamwork suite

Did you know that we have a whole bunch of other Google and Gmail add-ons that work with the Teamwork suite? Here’s an overview: Gmail add-on for Teamwork ProjectsManage decisions directly from your Gmail inbox by converting email threads into tasks – ready and waiting to be worked on by the team! By creating Teamwork Projects tasks directly from Gmail, you can eliminate extra steps and focus on important work. Read more hereGmail add-on for Teamwork Desk: Turn emails in your Gmail inbox into tickets in Teamwork Desk for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. This add-on allows you to create tickets directly from emails in your Gmail inbox so all of your communications can be handled from Teamwork Desk — meaning nothing goes unanswered. Read more here. Google Docs add-on for Teamwork Projects: Create actionable tasks directly from meeting minutes, communication plans, feature specs, creative briefs and more with the new Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on. With the new Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on, you can create tasks directly from text in a Google Doc. Read more here. Google Sheets add-on for Teamwork Projects: Save time and eliminate extra steps by creating tasks in Teamwork Projects directly from Google Sheets. Not only can you create tasks but you can also create task lists and attach a link to the Google Sheet in the task you created. Use shortcodes to quickly assign work to the right person, set due dates and more. Read more here.  For more information on how to set up the Gmail add-on for Teamwork CRM, check out our help doc. If you need a hand getting started with any of the add-ons in this post, send an email to and a member of our support team will be more than happy to help! P.S. Want to move away from Gmail altogether, start centralizing your emails, and enjoy a built-in integration between your helpdesk and your CRM? Try Teamwork Desk today.