Peter, AKA Topper, has been working away like a Golden God (his words not mine) on getting our latest new feature for TeamworkPM out the door. It is of course the ability to assigning tasks to multiple people.
I must take my hat off to him as it’s looking pretty bloody sweet at this stage. I have just been in his office checking out how it looks and and how it’s working.In fairness when he has his moments he’s good 😉 it is a savage piece of work. Between Peter and Dan fighting it out they have done an amazing job in keeping this feature really simple and easy to use and I have to say I can’t wait for this feature to launch as It’s something I have needed myself loads when working on projects.
Below is a screen shot I stole off Peter’s computer a few minutes ago when he had his back turned. It’s just a quick shot of where the new feature is going to appear on the task screen.
Assigning Tasks to Multiple People Teamwork Projects 2010
Peter wanted to be the first to post up screen shots of his work but I couldn’t resist beating him to it 🙂
He has a load more screen shots that he will be posting up along with a nice detailed blog post here, in the engine room blog, in which he will outline how this feature works and looks. Hopefully his post will be up over the weekend for you all to read.
Until then enjoy my stolen pic.