Social media is now becoming an important part of project management. I have been wanting to write a post about this. Then I came across this blog post today and found that it covered pretty much what I was thinking, and it’s better written than I would have achieved so I thought I would share it with you.
It’s a short piece written by Michal Wachstock and it’s well worth a read.

An extract from the post:
Three business environment changes that have impacted our need and desire to go social. 
Economic challenges – the recent economic downturn is forcing companies to invest their resources on high value projects. ROI is now more critical than ever before and while budgets have shrunk, requirements haven’t
Manpower- in tighter economic times, people are being asked to do more in less time. Project Managers are being asked to deliver more, in less time, on a shorter budget, and with fewer resources
New business models – According to some studies, at least 43% of CIOs who are looking to increase their resources are looking to hire offshore resources and bring on 3rd party partners onto their projects.

Link to the full blog post