Last year we spent a lot of time working on new integrations between other popular third party apps and Teamwork Projects. Our aim was to enable our users to easily pull and push data between their other favorite apps and ours.
As you know we listen and one of the biggest requests that we have been getting recently is the ability to log time directly to Harvest. Accurate and timely billing is a hugely significant factor in every business’ cash flow. With the latest update to our Harvest integration we’ve made it easier to accurately record your time on clients projects and seamlessly reflect this in your invoices.
We released the first stage of our integration with Harvest back in May 2012. This allowed you to simply export invoices in Teamwork Projects to Harvest.
This month we’ve rolled out part two of the Harvest integration. You can now start a Harvest Timer directly within Teamwork Projects! The time will be then instantly be logged in your Harvest account.
To set this up, you will first need to have a Harvest account!
1. Navigate to  the settings section in the top right, select site settings, under the integrations tab you will see the following option:
Set up Harvest timers in your Teamwork Projects account |
2. This is a per project setting and must also be enabled within your individual projects. To do this from the overview section, select options in the top right, then project settings.
3. At the bottom of the setting page enable your Harvest time tracking
Set up Harvest timers in your Teamwork Projects account |
Set up Harvest timers in your Teamwork Projects account |
4. Now you can start logging your time straight to your Harvest account. From the task tab, select the task you wish to log time against and click into the task details page. In the top right corner you will see the new Harvest button.
Set up Harvest timers in your Teamwork Projects account |
5. When you’re finished stop the timer by clicking it again. This will give you the option to send your time to Harvest for approval.
A couple of things to remember, when you select the project to log the time to:
In Harvest it is locked to that project. Once time has been approved in Harvest should you need to submit more time you will need to get the time approval removed.
You can only assign one Harvest project to a Teamwork Projects project. Within Teamwork Projects the setting must be enabled within each project for you to be able to log the time directly in Harvest.