Teamwork Projects Search Improvements 2010
We received some very irate feedback just the other day – a customer complained that:

“The TW search function is completely useless.  Total waste of time.  Keywords (and or) and exact string matches (using quotes) are universal standards for just about every search mechanism on the Internet… except for TW’s.”

Wow, that hurt our feelings. We hate bad feedback and love happy customers, and so today we have rolled out a drastically improved search that allows you to use boolean operators like “AND” and “OR”, and use quotes around strings you wish to search for. Hell, you can even group things with brackets, or use the “NOT” operator….


By way of example, if you wanted you could search for:


(animals AND (“kittens” NOT “snakes”)) OR (chocolate OR “cotton candy”)

We hope you like this new feature, and that you appreciate that we really do listen to your feedback and we really do care.