As your company grows, so does your customer base. 

Giving your customer-facing teams the tools to answer questions and stay on top of requests is essential to keeping customers around.

That's why we originally created Teamwork Desk—a ticketing system that helps your team manage customer interactions from one central location. Now we've gone one step further and added six upgrades to make it easier to deliver truly exceptional customer service.

Since we rolled out Desk, we've listened to feedback and worked hard behind the scenes to build features that will make your customer service team's life easier. 

We're excited to reveal all the new features that have recently been released for Desk, each tailored to help your team better answer and manage tickets. 

The new features are:

  • Scheduled Replies + Tickets (Premium +)

  • Live Chat (Pro +)

  • Ticket Templates (Premium +)

  • Undo Send (Pro +)

  • Enhanced Forwarding

  • Archived Agents

Interested in learning more about a feature on a different Desk plan? Schedule time with a Teamworker to learn more and get access.

Your team can now be supported and get their work done in advance with Desk's new scheduling features. 

Scheduled Replies empowers your team to get their work done in advance, and reduces the need to set reminders to check back in with customers at a future point in time. You can draft a reply to a ticket and schedule it to go out at a specific time and day.  With Scheduled Tickets, you can create a ticket to send at a chosen time.

These features give agents overall more flexibility in how they work—and keeps your customers happy and in the loop.

Reply to your customers instantly with Desk's new Live Chat feature. 

You can now use Live Chat to instantly engage with your customers to improve your waiting times and resolution rates. Each new conversation started by a customer will appear in the Live Chat window, and you can reply to them in real-time in the message field at the bottom of the thread.

While you are dealing with the customer, the conversation is labeled as active. As soon as the question or issue has been resolved, you can mark it as closed and the conversation will be archived. Additionally, if further action is needed, the chat can be converted into a ticket. 

Integrating Live Chat into your website is also easy. 

Simply design an embeddable contact form so that it matches the rest of your site inside Desk's settings. Once you're happy with how it looks, copy the JavaScript code that's automatically generated and embed it directly to your website. 

Desk's new Ticket Templates gives you pre-populated fields that can be used to fill in a new ticket in Desk quickly. 

When you select a template, it can automatically populate most of the fields, such as status, source, priority, and type, so that agents are correctly categorizing new tickets for better reporting. 

These templates are different from canned responses, as they can be shared on a per inbox basis. They are designed to ensure every field on a new ticketing form is filled in for more accurate reporting.

We've built them to save your agents time, reduce clicks, and allow them to answer tickets in seconds—not minutes.

Within Teamwork Desk, your agents can now recall a ticket reply if they mistakenly hit send. 

Once Undo Send is enabled by a site administrator, every agent will have time to recall a reply if they don't want their message to be sent. Inside Desk's settings, select how long you want each ticket reply to be delayed, in order to give your customer service team the chance to undo it: 

If an agent does cancel their reply, an alert will appear inside their ticket to confirm that their message hasn't been sent. Desk will then save the contents of their draft for when they're ready. 

The days of losing tickets and emails in chains are over. 

With Desk's Enhanced Forwarding feature, agents will have better transparency and readability of every forwarded message inside the ticketing system. Forwarded messages will be created as “child” tickets of the original “parent” ticket, always linking back to the original ticket.

The best part is that these tickets can live in different inboxes to keep customer communication organized and transparent. 

Flexible and remote teams often wear a lot of different hats.

Desk's Archived Agents feature allows administrators to continue to remove agent access from Desk, while keeping important details about their ticket interactions intact for reporting or handover needs.

If an agent needs their access restored in the future, all your system administrator has to do is select the ‘Restore Agent’ option at the bottom of their profile.