New TeamworkPM UI |
Today we are excited to introduce the new look TeamworkPM. It’s a clean, crisp, modern design that we’ve worked hard to keep consistent with the product you already know and love. Log in to your account now to discover it for yourself.
As well as releasing the new design, it wouldn’t be the Teamwork way to not go that little bit further for our customers, so today sees some great new updates as well.
New Instant Search
With the new user interface comes the all new Instant Search. See live results as you type.
Whether you’re searching for notebooks, files or tasks, the distinctive new icons will help you skip straight to the information you’re looking for.
New Notifications Center
The Notifications Center also had an overhaul this month. One of the big changes here is the position: it’s gone from the bottom, where notifications were easy to miss, and now has a new home in the top right hand corner.
Plus, we’ve really cleaned up the style to make the notifications easier to read – making it easier for you to focus on who did what. As with instant search, the new icon set makes it faster to scan through lots of notifications to find exactly what you are looking for.

New Project Overview
We most often think of projects in terms of time, such as I need this done today, yesterday, or last week.  So wouldn’t it be best to display project activity this way also?
The new Project Overview is presented in a timeline fashion with days clearly separated. This makes it faster and more intuitive to browse through what’s been happening on a project.
New Look Notebooks.
One section in TeamworkPM that gets a lot of use is Notebooks. With over 370,000 notebooks in use today, it was time for an overhaul.
So, with the new TeamworkPM design comes a whole new notebook experience. We’ve increased the font size, line-height and the whitespace – which is a complicated way of saying that we’ve made the reading experience more relaxed. We’ve also changed the background color: it’s gone from bright white, which makes eyes tire faster, to a more natural paper color, helping to make on-screen reading more enjoyable.
We know you are going to love the new look TeamworkPM; log in to your account now to discover it for yourself.