Today, we’re sharing a guest post by Kenneth Oms, Content Creator at Remington College. He often writes about Tech and Network Systems Administration so we are delighted he is sharing his perspective on Teamwork Projects with us today.
Hi, my name is Ken and I am a content creator here at Remington College. Here’s a little about us, we are a non-profit Technical College with several campuses across the United States, the college has been actively involved with the U.S higher education community since 1987, and we use Teamwork Projects and we love it!
How Remington College Uses Teamwork Projects - Why Teamwork Projects and how do we use it | High Performance Blog

Why Teamwork Projects and how do we use it?

We started using Teamwork Projects around six months ago as our marketing department developed, and the need for a better project management tool grew immensely. We needed a better and more efficient way to manage and keep track of all of our projects, from inception to completion.
Building a content marketing department from the ground up is hard enough, but throw in a few layers of legal compliance, and you’ll find yourself with more than a few traffic jams. In order to avoid excess confusion and halts in our projects, we turned to With Teamwork Projects, we were able to keep accurate track of the steps necessary to navigate through our compliance issues, and each member of our department was able to provide crucial feedback throughout every step.
How Remington College Uses Teamwork Projects - Flexibility and Comprehensiveness | High Performance Blog

Flexibility and Comprehensiveness

It all comes down to flexibility and comprehensiveness. At the end of the day, you have an accurate track of who did what and when. All of the documents and collateral for a specific task or milestone can be kept in one place, and it’s simple to reassign tasks to the next person in the workflow process.
How Remington College Uses Teamwork Projects - Roles Within a Team | High Performance Blog

Roles Within a Team

Another nifty feature that we enjoy about Teamwork Projects is the project roles. Despite the growth of our department, we are still a very close-knit team, and it’s nice to be able to assign roles based on our individual strengths and weaknesses. Defining the role of a team member is crucial because not only does it give them a sense of pride in their work, but it also helps us run a more efficient department.
How Remington College Uses Teamwork Projects - The Support | High Performance Blog

The Support

But what really makes Teamwork Projects for us an easy recommendation is the people behind the software. They offer a numerous amount of resources that not only get you familiar with the software but also go above and beyond in helping you master it. The support that they give product users is incredible, and they are very quick to respond to any questions or troubles that you are having. Thank you,!
How Remington College Uses Teamwork Projects - We Love Teamwork | High Performance Blog

We Love

I’d recommend Teamwork Projects to anyone. It’s a nifty tool that will help you optimize your department, and it also lets you sync with existing software like Outlook and ProofHQ, so that you don’t have to keep jumping in-between different browsing tabs and can manage all communications through a single source. It’s small intricate features like that that really make Teamwork Projects work for us because it minimizes our browser clutter, and gives us the ease of access we need in order to multi-task with ease.
If you’re a university or educational institution interested in learning how Teamwork Projects can organize and support your workload, read our other education customers’ stories HERE. Or, jump right in and sign up for a free trial HERE.