Teamwork Desk is almost seven months old. (They grow up so fast). We created it to help us forge better relationships with our customers. We wanted to get out of the chaos of e-mail and make sure that we were providing our customers with the best support possible, so we created Teamwork Desk to satisfy our own itch. We use it every day to communicate with our customers and to streamline our business. We wanted to hear if other Teamwork Desk users loved the product as much as we did so we did a little bit of investigating. We interviewed Jayne BurchCEO, and Founder of Marketing Monsoon, Lawrence Ladomery, the Strategic Digital Manager of iGoDirect Group, and Ciaran McGrath, Managing Director of Threefold Systems. Here’s what they had to say.

Why did your team start using Teamwork Desk?

Jayne: I have a number of clients that we provide hosting and website maintenance for. For a while I tried to use Teamwork Projects to receive task requests from clients (i.e. as a help desk.), but that didn’t work well, so I went to Freshdesk. There wasn’t any coordination between Freshdesk and Teamwork Projects, so it got confusing and we missed things. When Teamwork Desk became available I switched immediately so we could make it a part of the projects.
Lawrence: I first looked at Teamwork Desk not because I was searching specifically for this kind of functionality, but because I can expect any new product to be pretty good. As I tried it out, I realized that, even though I don’t run a support team, it could help me streamline my BAU work. I see Teamwork Desk is a much better interface for clients than relying on e-mail. Apart from keeping conversations all in one place, with multiple team members being able to provide input, we can extract the more useful information from them and publish them as a knowledge base.
Ciaran: For me and my team, knowing our customers’ needs helps us get our job done. For this reason, choosing the right customer help desk software was a big decision. We evaluated several options, and cost was a factor, so we compared features, integrations, and pricing extensively. Ultimately, the tight integration with Teamwork Projects was the main decider. The ease of turning a ticket into a task, and tracking time against work carried out is what sealed it for us.

How do you use Teamwork Desk?

Ciaran: We use Teamwork Desk as a ticket system for web development support. When a project is completed and moved into a support phase, our clients put requests to the helpdesk. Many of the same team that work on the projects will handle the tickets, but it gives us a way to capture all incoming requests and ensure nothing gets lost. What we like most about Teamwork Desk is that it’s fast and we can seamlessly convert a ticket into a project task. Teamwork Desk encourages and enables us to vigilantly tend to every detail of our projects. We force ourselves to make sure every request is logged in there, from a simple question to major requests. That way nothing falls between the cracks.
Jayne: My clients that have websites with us or that we have contracts for managing their websites submit tickets to come through on Teamwork Desk. It allows us to be more responsive to our clients, track billable time for clients, and coordinate work with the team. I like that it’s connected to Teamwork Projects and we can create tasks in there. I like the notes feature so the team can discuss a ticket. I like that we can now track time from within Teamwork Desk.

What’s the best thing about Teamwork Desk?

Ciaran: Communicating with our clients and supporting their needs must happen efficiently, effectively, and in an organised way. Teamwork Desk ticks all the boxes for us in these respects, which makes us and our clients happy.
JayneTeamwork Desk allows us to be more responsive to our clients. In the transition from a solo-preneur to a small business, being able to delegate help requests was very important. I can be confident now that someone on my team is seeing and handling requests because they are no longer just coming to my e-mail. It’s an excellent helpdesk solution. I’ve tried a few others that were confusing or expensive and didn’t have the excellent features of Teamwork Desk. I’m very happy with the function of the product and also with the response of the team.

Would you recommend Teamwork Desk to others? 

Ciaran: I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any company needing a strong and thorough customer service platform, affordable, and with integration options. Teamwork Desk has the potential to be a really great product. We know that it’s still early days and are happy to deal with some occasional, minor bugs knowing that the team is working hard on fixing and adding new features all the time. The tight integration with Teamwork Projects makes it a no-brainer.
Lawrence: I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any business function that interfaces with clients, whether internal or external, not only to support teams.

Summing up

Are you convinced? Want to make the switch over to Teamwork Desk to streamline your customer support? Get started today :)!
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