Once you are in a project on Teamwork it’s really easy to add tasks to the project. Sometimes though a phone call comes in from a client, or you think of a task that needs to be added before you forget. This means browsing to the project you want, clicking the Tasks tab and finding the task list you want to add the task to.
By the time you’ve done that you may have forgotten what the task was!
One of the areas we really wanted to improve on this month was making it easier and faster to add tasks to your Teamwork account. Not just from within a project, but from any part of the app.
From today, you’ll notice a new feature in the top right called Quick Add.
Quick Add - Teamwork Projects
Quick add enables you to quickly add tasks, milestones and projects to your Teamwork account from anywhere. We started with the three most common items and over time we’ll add more.
The most useful is the Quick Add Tasks. Over the last few months we’ve received countless emails and feedback messages from people who want a faster way of getting tasks into Teamwork. The majority of people wanted to dump tasks in and deal with them later when they get time.
Quick Add - Teamwork Projects
We started by putting the same Add Task form in the pop-up window but it didn’t really speed things up. It was overkill for what the Quick Add feature was meant to accomplish. We went back to the drawing board.
Our second idea was to simply allow tasks to be entered one by one. As you add a task, the box clears and you can add another one. It worked but it was still not 100% of what we were trying to achieve.
Then we got it right. We thought of how easy it is to create multiple tasks by email. It’s simple. Each task you want to create just goes on a new line in the email. We also had added the ability to assign the tasks to people, set a due date, set the priority and of course the privacy and notification options. This is what we wanted from the Quick Add feature.
When you open the Quick Add Tasks feature there is a box where you type your tasks and a select tool to pick your project.
Quick Add - Teamwork Projects
Quick Add - Teamwork Projects
You don’t have to pick a task list if you don’t want to – we’ll create a default list called Inbox. (You can pick an existing list if you want to but we don’t force you to.)
You can create one task or you can create 100 tasks. Each task just goes on a new line of the text box.
You can assign people to each task, set a due date and a priority – We added a quick help tooltip so you’ll never forget how to do it.
Quick Add - Teamwork Projects
Let’s look at some examples:

  • @dan [today] Write a blog post on the new Quick Add Feature
    • This will create a task called “Write a blog post on the new Quick Add Feature”
    • It will be due today
    • It will be assigned to Dan
  • [tomorrow] @sam @peter @dan Add an FAQ on the website about quick add items !!!
    • This will create a task called “Add an FAQ on the website about quick add items”
    • It will be due tomorrow
    • It will be assigned to Peter, Sam and Dan
    • It will be of High Priority
  • [25/12/2011] Answer any Christmas Day feedback
    • This will create a task called “Answer any Christmas Day feedback”
    • It will be assigned to “anyone”
    • It will be due on the 25th December 2011

The order of the items doesn’t matter. We’ll figure out the people, dates, and priority no matter where in the task it appears
The @person is worked out by joining the first name and the last name of the user together and figuring it out
For example, my name in Teamwork is Daniel Mackey so any of the following would pick me out:

  • @dan
  • @daniel
  • @danielmac
  • @danielmackey

The dates just need to be in square brackets and you can use a real date such as [25/12/2011] (or [12/25/2011] if your date format is set to that) or you can use Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Monday etc
So that’s it. It’s live now and we’re really happy with it. Let us know what you think!