I just posted a link to a video on our Facebook page about a new feature that we are are in the middle of working on. The new feature is to help with a problem we were having around billable time and not always bee able to easily see what time we had already charge for. We also know quite a lot of you out there have also been having the same issues from the amount of feedback we have been receiving about this same issue.

The problem:

Some projects we were ending up with huge amounts of time been logged on them, then after a while it became very hard for accounts here to see which of this massive list of logged time had actually been billed and what was still due to be billed.

The solution:

What the new feature does is it now allows you to drag time, which has been logged as billable, over on to an invoice sheet. The idea behind this feature is that within a project there should never be any billable time that has not been assigned to an invoice.

The best way to get an idea of how this is working is to watch the short video I made which takes you through how it’s currently working. Remember this is only our first working version and it’s still a work in progress.

One thing I mention in the video is if your interested in Beta testing this feature in your install of TWPM just become a friend on Facebook and then we will be picking about 30 people to help us test this new feature and help us develop it further.