You might not consider the importance of artwork in the office environment until faced with floor-to-ceiling beige, but it can immediately inspire and convey a level of creativity and culture to all who enter.
It also gives a sense of commitment to the office that says, “yeah, we’re here to stay, so we are customizing the space exactly as we want it to look,” which is why office murals are on the rise and going up on walls near you!
The first thing you see when you enter our HQ is a world map projected on the wall showing active user locations. It is the first reminder that our work starts and ends with the customer.
Our users and their teams are what makes the world turn, and every single person walking through the front door knows that. Then you’ll see the timeline of from humble web design consultancy to what it is today and beyond.
Conveying your brand again visually with a mural or custom piece of art on a larger scale can lend a comforting permanence as well. It says to one and all that you are not temporarily using that office space, but that you’re there to stay and decor is worth the investment.
Entering a workplace for the first time what would your first impression be of a stark environment devoid of artwork or color versus being welcomed by a large-scale vibrant mural?
Of course, community can also mean geographic community if you consider inviting local design students to create a custom piece inspired by either the corporate brand, its location, or anything else one can dream up.
Or maybe you’d like the theater set artists to do a mural like the background of Pirates of Penzance? It might just inspire your staff to break into song. Which is also important because art is also meant to make your employees happy.
Your workplace isn’t just a room with machines, but a home for many for 40 hours (or more) each week, so why not make it feel comfortable yet inspiring with some colorful artwork?
We like bright colors here at and decorations that liven up the walls without overwhelming. Different walls are painted various shades of our blue and green hues, with large windows letting us enjoy the Irish scenery.
Our kitchen and dining area has a full-wall mural of a bird’s view of New York City, focused on Central Park. We may be a few thousand miles away from the Big Apple, but we can still admire it, can’t we?
 Full-wall mural of Central Park New York City |
What would you love to see first thing splashed across a big wall (or ceiling) when you walk into your office?