October has been a busy month here at Teamwork.com and there’s some exceptionally cool stuff in the pipeline. We’ve also managed to finish some long overdue improvements to the platform and rolled out improved support for iOS devices with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

1. Follow stuff getting done

We’ve now completed rollout to every user of our latest improvement to the Teamwork.com platform – the ability for users to follow updates on particular tasks. It’s a feature that many of you have requested and we hope that it helps you to keep track of everything going on in your organization.

2. iPhone changes

We’ve introduced a full native rewrite – no more web views. It might look similar but it’s a whole new framework that will make it much easier for us to roll up the new updates and features we have in the pipeline.
We’ve also taken the opportunity to make a few improvements while we’re at it;

  • Added the ability to add or edit a link,
  • The ability to add/edit a notebook (plain text for now – we’re working on improving this)
  • Extra Task list filters – including filtering for subtasks
  • Improvements to the graphical interface to make scrolling more natural and smoother.

3. Email commands

Email Commands| Teamwork Projects
Some of our most productive Teamworkers have mastered the art of using email to push tasks and updates directly into the teamwork platform. If you haven’t used it before, the basics are that each project has a unique email address that allows you to send emails to the Tasks section of a project
One of the new tweaks that we’ve added is that you can now reply to an email notification with #like to “like” the comment/message or file on Teamwork. If you add some text then we’ll add a “Like” and post a new reply.
You can read all the details and all the cool stuff you can do via email here