It is an easy thing to do to create a Time Log in the wrong place, especially if you are in a rush or logging all your time at once. Up until now it has not been possible to move it from one project to another.
To correct this you then would have to go through the arduous process of finding the time log, selecting the time log, remembering the information, creating it in the other project and finally deleting the time log from the original project. Sounds like a lot of work!!
Now you can move time logs between projects
Not anymore, we have received tons of feedback asking us “Can I move a time log?” We are delighted now to say that “Yes you can and it is really easy to do!”
Now you can move time logs between projects
To move a time log from one project to another:

  • Navigate to the project you have created the time log in.
  • In the lower left-hand pane you will see the option to Move time logs.
  • Select this and a light box will open.
  • This will display all the time that has been logged on this project.
  • From the dropdown select the project you wish to move the time to.
  • Select the time logs to move.
  • Move selected. 

If you deal a lot with time logs then you are going to love this new feature as it will make TeamworkPM even easier for you to use.