Today we’d like to highlight a 3rd party app called NiftyQuoter that has built an integration with NiftyQuoter is focused entirely on creating and managing business proposals. It was launched in 2012 after the founders (Klara & Vaclav) realized the need for such a service in their previous venture. NiftyQuoter provides multiple types of templates and a drag-and-drop interface to save your time when building proposals. Then it allows you to send them directly from the app so that clients can view, approve or discuss them online. Proposal themes can be easily customized using different background images and colors so that they match your company’s look.
Nifty integration with as Storage Vault | Teamwork Projects
The app also has a really nice dashboard that gives you a basic overview of all your proposals and client activities. including viewing, approving or commenting on proposals. You can display all the info or just proposals that belong to you or one of your colleagues.
Nifty dashboard | Teamwork Projects
The NiftyQuoter integration allows you to easily import all your contacts from straight into your Nifty account.Just fill out your Teamwork subdomain and copy your Teamwork API token to NiftyQuoter like this:
setup_nifty_TeamworkPM | Teamwork Projects
Once your contacts are successfully imported, you can start sending them your proposals. NiftyQuoter have also kindly supplied a special offer for customers: use the  ‘TEAMWORK3’ coupon code in the last step of the checkout process to get 30% off your first 12 months. This offer is valid until the end of April 2014!