We have just released Version 1.34 of the TeamworkPM Desktop Timer App.

This version brings the following updates:

  • Added in column for Task List
  • Added option to ‘blink’ the current timer if paused
  • Added option to show a total of all timers on screen
  • Added option to Pause/Resume current timer using the Space Bar
  • Added option to adjust the logged date time to when you started working on the timer
  • Masked the API key
  • Auto-saves timers and loads them at startup on update or reboot
  • Automatically select current running timer when app gets focus
  • Auto-select timer when new one is added
  • Selection is maintained when you edit or delete a timer
  • Cycle between timers using the Up and Down arrow keys
  • Double-click a task in Import now adds it as a timer
  • Allow resizing/re-ordering of columns in timer display
  • Mini-view now shows the current timer being timed
  • Minor bug fixes and glitches….

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions and helping us improve the application.
If you quit and restart the app it should prompt you to download the latest version or you can get it directly from https://www.teamwork.com/timerApp.

Be sure to let us know what you think by adding a comment to this post!