It’s that time of week again! Savage day outside, sun is splitting the stones and as my office is four solid walls, the only windows I get to look at are on my computer….
It’s time to update.
So what’s coming with this version?

  • Finally added a new way of attaching files to messages. You can now pick from existing files and it fixes the bug where the flash uploader loses the files if you flick between tabs.
  • Sort tasks in a list: You can now sort the tasks in each task list. New option in the task list options drop down
  • Mac-friendly file names. We run Windows and Windows doesn’t like some characters in the file name. We found a fix for this.
  • Everything: All Tasks: The thing that gave me gray hair. I’m happy with it now.
  • Tasks: Notice the nice new interface for the person responsible? Done. This drove me nuts. 5 different variations and we’re happy with the one going up.
  • Bug fixes: Yes, we found some and they’re fixed.
  • Everything: All Tasks : Added ability to see tasks per person, tasks assigned to all people and tasks NOT assigned to people (I’m going to add in a bit to this to filter by “Tasks I have assigned….”
  • Comments: These are now ordered most recent first (Thanks Dawn!)
  • Copying a project now has an option to keep stuff off weekends

There are some other minor updates which we’ll go into on the main product blog.
On another note, I didn’t get to talk to Mike about the iPhone post yet but we’ll get something next week. BTW: Rick, you’re a legend 😉 Thanks for the comment on the iPhone post….
Some screenshots:
New task listing:
The new task listing was a nightmare. We didn’t want to make it too different but it’s a section we use everyday (the killer part) and we were not happy with the existing way:
 task listing
The names at the start are good. They just blend too much into the task and look messy. It’s also harder to spot what is yours….
 task listing
The new way is much better. This was not easy. We changed this five times until we were happy with it. The hover on the name (highlighting in black) makes it more intuitive to edit the task too….a request we get so often…..
All Tasks : Sorted by date due
All Tasks : Sorted by date due
Hope you like these improvements. Along with the API Docs, API programming and new features we have been busy this week…..