Give your projects more context and get more granular control with project-specific tags, available now on Teamwork Projects Premium and Enterprise.

Tags are one of those delightful features in Teamwork Projects that allow you to add an extra layer of information to your work and get context at a glance. Used with filters, they also become a powerful way to view your information through a multitude of different lenses.

At the moment, any tags you create are available across all projects by default.

If you use a lot of tags, you’ll know that sometimes it can be a little tricky navigating through a long list to find the one you need quickly. Some of the tags in your library may also only be relevant to certain projects.

Depending on your naming conventions for tags, you may also have some that represent sensitive or confidential information that you may not want every user to have access to. 

Which is why we’ve now introduced project-specific tags to our Premium Plan.

What are project-specific tags?

Project-specific tags allow you to have tags which are specific only to certain projects, and so will only be searchable and available on those projects.

When you’re adding new tags, you’ll now be able to choose whether it should be a project-specific tag or a site-level tag. 

When filtering by tags, you’ll also be able to get more granular and filter by either site- or project-level tags.

In addition to making your use of tags much more efficient, project-specific tags will make it easier for you to contain information within specific projects. For example, if you have a project for a client and you want to use bespoke tags for custom layers of information, you won’t see these tags appearing in other projects that are not related to that work.

If you like your team to stick to specific naming conventions on certain projects, for example if you have a dedicated process to follow, project-specific tags make it easier to control this. Team members will only be able to choose from a predetermined list, so there can be no additional tags created and you’ll have more granular control over your team’s data entry.

Learn more about setting up and managing project-specific tags here.

Project tags and project templates: The dynamic duo

You’ll know that we recently introduced project templates and hopefully by now, you’ll have started seeing how much more efficient they can make your workflow. Coupled with project-specific tags, project templates become even more powerful, as you’ll now be able to spin up a set of pre-defined, contextual tags for each template, whether it’s an event plan or a new client brief. 

Project-specific tags are now available to all customers on our Premium and Enterprise plans. To learn more about these plans just contact us at