The task timer is a great feature. It allows you to start a timer on any task you are currently working on and then record the time accumulated either billable or non-billable.
The current implementation was good but we knew we could do better. Some people had issues if the computer was hibernated and their session had expired so I re-wrote it today to fix those issues.
While I was re-writing the new timer, I took the opportunity to add a new feature a few people asked for and I found myself looking for on occasion….the ability to start a timer that wasn’t specifically tied to a task. This is important because sometimes you might get a phone call to work on something or want to time some content writing and creating a task is just not viable.
Teamwork Projects Timer 2010
The new timer button is found on the left of the Time tab in each project.
Once this is started, the familiar task timer bar shows at the end of the screen but it will now display the name of the project you are working on in place of the task name.
Teamwork Projects Task Timer Bar 2010
Hope this update helps you! It has been locked in and will be available on the next release to the live servers. When you see the button, you know it’s live!