Over the weekend, we rolled out a few new updates. One of which was the new feature called “Sites”. The feature came about because we were receiving a lot of feedback from users that had more than one Teamwork Projects account. They wanted a way to quickly switch between their different Teamwork Projects accounts without having to log in and out of accounts or to avoid using different browsers to switch between them. Over coffee last week, while in our local coffee house where we do a lot of our brainstorming,  we came up with the idea of the Sites feature. The idea actually started as a bar running across the top of your account. What sounded like a good idea just didn’t look right once it was on screen. So with a bit of tweaking, Dan and Peter finally settled on what we have now. The nice subtle sites icon which is part of the top right menu.  We felt that this look and the way the switcher works kept a similar look and feel with other sections within Teamwork Projects. I have put together the short video below to show you how the new “Sites feature” works and how to go about setting it up for yourselves.

Again as with all our features, new and old, if you have any suggestions about them please drop us some feedback via the link at the bottom of your App.