Starting your day knowing what tasks await you is one of the key factors which allow you to remain in control and on top of all your projects. With TeamworkPM this information comes to you in the form of a daily email each morning.
Having this information to hand in an easy-to-read format is really important. This month we decided to tackle the daily email and improve it with a responsive design. Since a lot of us now catch up on emails in the morning via smartphones, we built the new daily email to detect this and to display the report in a smartphone friendly design. Then, once you’re back at your computer it will adapt to take full advantage of the wider screen.

New responsive design for daily email | Teamwork Projects
New responsive design for daily email | Teamwork Projects

A new addition to the daily email are events from the company calendar. Any events which you were notified of, were added by you, or which you need to attend, will now appear in the list of events in the email.


If any of you didn’t know about this email or aren’t receiving it, you can turn it on by navigating to Notifications in My Details in the top right drop down of your teamwork accunt. You can either turn it on or send out today’s one just to have a look.
We hope you like it!