We have received quite a lot of requests for this over the years and last Friday Peter finally got around to implementing this feature.
You can now bulk re-assign Tasks and Milestones to another user. The main reason this feature was requested was that a person would leave a company and they would end up being replaced by someone else. Before you had to manually go through all the tasks  assigned to them and reassign them to the new user.
Now you can do all of this in one quick and easy step.
First of all, login to your Teamwork Projects account, click People in the top left and select the person whom you wish to reassign the tasks from and select the new option “Reassign items“.
New in Teamwork Projects - Reassign all task and milestones
(IMPORTANT NOTE: If a person has left your company you must do this step before you delete them as a user)
The next step is to pick the person you wish the items to be reassigned to. You can optionally pick to reassign either Tasks, Milestones or both Tasks and Milestones. Once you have made this selection, hit Reassign items and hey presto it’s done!
Take note, this change cannot be undone, so make sure you are 100% sure this is what you want to do before you press the button.
New in Teamwork Projects - Reassign all task and milestones
Once again we hope you find this new feature handy while running and managing your projects with Teamwork Projects.