The HQ is on the move – we we’ll be moving into brand new offices soon. 
All the usual things you’d come to expect in a modern tech building will feature in our new home, with one amazing addition – a SLIDE! Yes, you read that right – we’ll be sliding around the place for fun once we move in. Our new slide arrived yesterday, and had an interesting way of being brought into the building, take a look at the video below for more. 


Our new three-story offices are being constructed at Park House, in Blackpool Retail Park, Cork – not far from our current offices at North Point Business Park – to accommodate growing numbers.
Construction began just over a month ago, and work is progressing well – so well, that we expect to make the transition before Christmas, just in time for the office party and Santa Claus!
The offices will have capacity for more than 120 people, but co-founder and CEO Peter Coppinger says they will also retain one floor ar North Point to cater for expansion.  currently employs more than 70 people and currently has 13 vacancies.
The almost 16,000 sq ft complex will feature private offices for developers, complete with windows, open collaboration spaces, pods, coffee docks, library, and – what else! – a  games room.
There will also be some cool outdoor spaces, ideal for relaxation and the occasional BBQ – weather permitting, of course! It is Ireland, after all!

Attracting Talent

In a recent interview with  Fora,  co-founder and COO, Dan Mackey, said new offices are one of the most significant investments the company has made to date, and the aim is to make it a “special” place for staff to work.
“The biggest thing we need to do [in Co Cork] is attract talent. We’re up to 68 people now and aiming for 100 people shortly – and that will fill out that new office,” he said.
Read’s story, in Peter Coppinger’s blog, Brutal Honesty – The Developer CEO & Our Journey delivered at the MicroConf in 2016.
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