During Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, we’re delivering a brand new feature every day to help you improve your productivity into the new year and beyond.

On the seventh day of Christmas, Teamwork gave to me… intelligent filters that help you find the exact information you need in seconds!  
Filters are a powerful Teamwork Projects feature, which is why we put new ones in the 12 Days of Features lineup! We’re constantly improving filters so you can customize them and grab the data you need, exactly when you need it.
Here are some of the new filters that have been created to make your job easier every day.

1. Hide Subtasks

Having accountability for every detail in your projects is important, but sometimes you need to look past the details and see the big picture. This filter lets you temporarily hide all of the subtasks in individual projects and across projects on your site so you can focus on the major tasks and deadlines.

For example, in your marketing project, you might have a parent task such as “Publish a blog post.” Your subtasks for this might include all the nitty-gritty that entails, from writing, to proofreading, to posting it across several different platforms and media. Using the hide subtasks filter helps you to focus on the top-level task without getting overwhelmed by the details.
You can also use this filter across multiple projects. It’s an easy way to see the larger tasks which were assigned to team leads without seeing every subtask assigned to that lead’s team members. Project managers will love this perspective, because with just a few clicks they can see the parent tasks across all projects without seeing every micro-detail.
Hide subtasks filter

2. Tasks with no tags

If, like us, you use filters on a daily basis, you’ll place a lot of reliance on filtering by tags. So making sure every task is tagged appropriately means you can be confident that everything is captured in your workflow. Use this filter to seek out every task that doesn’t have a tag, then review the list to make sure stray items find their place.
Our developers love this filter because it helps them with quality control. As they create their bug triage process, they tag every problem with the type of bug that needs to be fixed. After they’ve completed their first round of tagging, they run this filter on the list to see if they’ve missed any items.
Tasks with no tag filter

3. Tasks with no column

Board View is great for organizing your work: it lets you visualize your process and move your tasks through different columns as they progress, giving you a quick and easy way to see where everything stands.
But you can’t track what you can’t see. This filter lets you find every task that hasn’t yet been added to a board in just a few seconds, so you can ensure that each and every task in your workflow is accounted for.
Tasks with no columns filter

4. Projects with no owner

Do you know who’s taking the lead on each of your projects? Are you sure?

Even the most organized people among us can miss a detail or two, especially when deadlines are tight and the work is piling up. This filter allows you to catch projects without a designated owner so you can assign one. You can use this tool to improve accountability and designate leadership roles on every project.
projects with no owner
Our filters were created to be customized, so don’t forget that you can create your own and save your favorites so you can quickly navigate to the information you use most.
To find out more about filters check out these help docs. If the features on your Christmas wishlist haven’t been released, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle just yet! There are plenty of surprises still to come, so make sure to check back here tomorrow.