At the start of this year we made it our goal to integrate with a host of third party apps.
To date we’ve integrated with Freshbooks, Harvest, Blinksale, Dropbox, Google Drive,, Quickbooks Online, Xero and indirect integrations with Wufoo and ProofHQ via the Links section of a project.
We’re currently finishing off an integration with to provide Single-Sign-On support and there are many many more great apps that would be a perfect match for Teamwork, but we also have a very full roadmap so this month – we’re releasing a very exciting extension to our API called Webhooks.
Teamwork has always had a full REST API which gives people the ability to interact with their Teamwork data. The problem with this is that it’s one way. A person would need to poll the API regularly to see what has changed. This made on-the-fly updates to 3rd party apps slow and difficult.
With Webhooks you get an instant notification anytime an event happens in Teamwork. This opens up some very exciting possibilities. If Teamwork doesn’t support a particular function that you need you can roll your own.
For example (and this is one we get a lot via Feedback) you could assign Job numbers to Tasks and Projects. Just subscribe to the TASK.CREATED event and when a task is created in Teamwork your script will be notified which in turn can use the API to edit the task and prepend your own Job number to the task title.
Some more examples of what you could use Webhooks for:

  • Integrate Teamwork with Beanstalk or Github
  • Send email notifications to certain people any time a task is added or updated
  • Record who downloaded a particular file and when (another popular request via feedback)
  • When time is logged in Teamwork update an internal Dashboard of information
  • Use the FILE.CREATED event to trigger a script to download a Teamwork file right in to your Dropbox/Box folder
  • etc

Want to get started and help us tune the webooks?
Before we fully release  Webhooks to the world we want to get some feedback from you so we’re going to run a short Beta.
If you’d like to get Webhooks enabled on your account just email us at with the URL to your Teamwork account and a short description of how you would use Webhooks.
We have a full Webhooks section on our Developer Website with a list of events, setup instructions and FAQs.