By popular request, we have just added Sub-Categories (sub-folders) to all areas of TeamworkPM.
A bit of background
When we built TeamworkPM, we wanted to keep the entire system really easy-to-use, so we made the decision to not support Sub-Categories. We thought they weren’t really needed and that one level of categories was just dandy.

A popular request

However, over the last five years we have received masses of feedback requesting that we introduce Sub-Categories to help keep everything nicely organized and easy to find. We pride ourselves in listening to our users and we have finally invested the time to add this great feature to TeamworkPM.

How it works

When you view the Category Manager for Messages, Files, Notebooks, Links or Projects, you now have the option to create new categories nested under another category. It’s really intuitive and easy-to-use and doesn’t get in your way if you don’t want this option.
New Feature: Sub-categories Everywhere |
New Feature: Sub-categories Everywhere |
Once you have your Sub-Categories set-up you can easily choose them from the drop down menu when adding new Messages, Notebooks, Files, Links or Projects.

Easily add new Sub-Categories

While we were at it we decided to give you the ability to easily add a nested category from the drop-down Category picker – so you don’t have to create all your Sub-Categories in advance.
New Feature: Sub-categories Everywhere |
New Feature: Sub-categories Everywhere |
Forcing you to choose a Category is gone out the window
Remember how we used to force you to choose a Category when adding items to TeamworkPM? Well, after a long debate (at 2am in a Dublin nightclub), we decided that we should remove this requirement. We decided that TeamworkPM shouldn’t get in your way with the busy-work of choosing Categories and instead we compromised with the idea of having a No Category view.
On the Files tab we allow drag-drop of Files to the correct folders to help you quickly keep things organized.
New Feature: Sub-categories Everywhere |
We hope you are going to love these improvements. Let us know your thoughts in the comments here or on our Facebook page at: