When files are uploaded to Teamwork or attached to tasks/comments/messages and an email notification is sent, we add authenticated download links to the email. These links are time-limited and require the user to be logged in to Teamwork before they can view the files.
When Teamwork sends you an email notification with a link to a file, viewing the file requires you to log into your account.
New Feature: Shareable File Links | Teamwork Projects
Over the last year, we’ve received a lot of feedback that many of you would like to have these links open without requiring that you to be logged into Teamwork.
People have requested this for many different reasons, but the main one we kept hearing was that some of you like to use project messages to track all communication with your clients, many of whom will never actually log into Teamwork. For some of your clients, having to log in to see a file is just too much hassle.

Introducing “Shareable Files”

This month we’ve added a new setting called Shareable Files which, when enabled allows the people reading any new notification emails to be able to open the linked file without having to log in. You’ll find the new setting on the Site settings page under the General tab:
New Feature: Shareable File Links | Teamwork Projects
When set to “Yes”, people can download the files linked to emails without having to be logged in to Teamwork – perfect if you’re on a smartphone or need to share the file with people not using Teamwork.

Bonus Feature – Short links to files

If Sharable Files is enabled, as an added bonus we’ve also provided the ability for you to generate a short link for any file. This link allows people to view/download the file even if they are not a member of your site or project. This link is found by clicking on the file name which will take you through to the File Details page. From here you will see the option on the left hand panel.
New Feature: Shareable File Links | Teamwork Projects


This new setting is off by default. It can only be enabled by an Administrator in theOowner company.
If you ever decide to turn this feature off, all previous short URLs will also be disabled.


To start using this feature, Administrators need to visit the Site settings page and under the General tab, turn on the Sharable Files option. We hope you will love this feature.
Thanks as always for using TeamworkPM!