Since our last post about contacts, we’ve received lots of useful suggestions and this month we’ve been hard at work implementing as many as possible. We’ve added extra features and subtle improvements to People page allowing you to store even more information (socials links, public profile etc.) as well as introducing a new dedicated Company page.
Today we are pleased to announce another major update to the People/Contacts section: Profile Pages for Accounts and Contacts.
The new user Profile Page gives a complete overview of a user’s activity inside TeamworkPM. From permissions to status, preferences to statistics, the Profile Page brings it all together in one spot. Perfect for checking someone’s details or for administrators managing user and company information.
As a quick introduction, we’ll highlight some of the most important features.
First of all, there’s a dedicated Profile Page for every user. It can be reached by clicking on the ‘My profile’ link in the account menu (just below your name) or by clicking on a person on the People or Company page.

New feature: Profile Page for People | Teamwork Projects
(the link to your new profile page)

The new profile page has a responsive layout which dynamically changes to make the best of your screen size. From this page you can update your status and find the contact details of users and their companies.  You can even quickly save these details directly to your portable device by scanning the automatically generated QR code.  User image and company logos are bigger and more prominent than before, so if you want to make the most of the great new layout, we recommend uploading square images.
New feature: Profile Page for People | Teamwork Projects
(New responsive User profile page)

Previously, to get an overview of any particular user, the filters on the Everything page would have been the best option. Now you can see at a glance, a summary of the ProjectsTasks and Milestones a particular User is connected to. Either graphically on the Details tab or listed under the Projects and Tasks tabs. A really useful feature is the ability to edit existing tasks from right there within the Tasks tab without leaving the page.
Projects, Tasks, Milestones and activity charts | Teamwork Projects
(new charts displaying useful informations about user activity available for all users)

All members of the Owner company will now see extra information like the new Private Notes. Administrators and users with privileges to manage People and Companies, can Add and Edit notes. While any person in the owner company can also add Private Notes: notes which are only viewable by others in the owner company.
Public and Private Notes | Teamwork Projects
(Private Notes will be visible only to users of Owner company)

Also, given the necessary privileges, User and Company details can be quickly added or modified without leaving the page just by clicking on the little ‘Edit‘ icon in any of the panes.
Permissions and Notifications can be changed and applied instantly by clicking on any of the yes/no switches – no save required.
Permissions and Notifications | Teamwork Projects
(new yes/no switches instantly will apply changes)

Another handy feature of the Profile page is that you can now see the Projects and Tasks that you’re working on, while Administrators can see these tabs for all users:
Projects tab | Teamwork Projects
(new Projects tab)

Tasks tab | Teamwork Projects
(new Tasks tab)

The new layout will allow us to add more tabs and features in future updates – providing you with an even deeper ‘catch-up’ and overview of what a user is doing in TeamworkPM.  So watch this space!
I hope you like these new feature and as always let us know your thoughts and comments here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.