For some time now we have had the option to move or copy most items (i.e. tasks, task lists, milestones, notebooks, time-logs, and links) between projects.
Moving files between projects was not something we were looking forward to adding though. Files can be attached to Messages, Tasks, and Comments. Moving a file from one project to another needed a phenomenal amount of work due to thumbnails, the fact that each file could reside on a different file server etc. However, this became one of our top feature requests, so this month we put our heads down and got it done.

How it works

You now have the option to move or copy an individual file or multiple files to another project without having to upload them again.
To move files:

  1. Navigate to the Files tab within the project.
  2. Click the “Select multiple files” link in the lower left-hand panel (checkboxes will now appear beside each file).
    New Feature: Move/copy files to other projects | Teamwork Projects
  3. Select which files you want to move or copy.
  4. Click the “Move/Copy” button. Then from the upper right-hand side of the page select the option to move/copy files.
  5. Choose whether you want to move or copy, pick the destination project and click the button.
    New Feature: Move/copy files to other projects | Teamwork Projects

Alternative Method

An alternative method is to go to the “File Details” page where you will find the option to “Move/Copy” the file in the options on the left-hand side of the page.
We hope you all find this new feature really helpful. Now that we have the moving of files complete, we can finally add the ability to move Messages between projects — so stay tuned!