We’ve just turned on a great new feature we’ve been using internally for a couple of weeks – email notifications which include the most recent comments.
Before, when you replied to a message or added a comment on an item, the notification email only included the new comment body.
The old email format:
New Feature: More helpful notification emails | Teamwork Projects
When things get busy, or a reply is added days afterwards, it was easy to lose the context of the original discussion.
The new email notifications are far more helpful and show the last 6 replies added. If there are more than 6 replies in the discussion we show a link to the full thread.

The new format

New Feature: More helpful notification emails | Teamwork Projects
We’ve also made the email notifications responsive so that, on a small screen such as the iPhone, the layout changes with the date and time moving below the author’s name making the content easier to read on the go.
On the most recent reply we also link to the item on your Teamwork account so you don’t have to scroll down the email to get to the actual link.
We also took this opportunity to tweak a few nuances that people sent via feedback.

  • We fixed some localization issues with email notifications so the recipient now sees the times and language according to their preferences.
  • We improved the subject line in comment email notifications to list the object type the comment was added to. This allows you to see at a glance if the comment was on a Task, Notebook, Link, Milestone or File. We’ve kept the item details at the bottom of the notification email and gave more room to the actual message being sent.

As always, we hope you find this new feature useful! It’s definitely improved our productivity and we’ve noticed people are more inclined to continue the discussion when the context of the notification is clearer!