Edited: In 2016 Google Apps was renamed to G-Suite, this article has been updated accordingly.

Do you use G Suite for Business? If so, we have a great new integration for you!

Now G Suite users have a fast and easy way to deploy Teamwork.com. By supporting Single Sign-on with Google OpenID, existing Teamwork.com users only need to log in once to access both G Suite and Teamwork.com.

This eliminates the hassle of logging in and out of multiple applications and creates a seamless, integrated experience for users.

This has been a top requested feature for quite some time and we’re delighted to finally have one piece of the puzzle complete. We’ve already started on extending this integration to provide a Gmail Contextual Gadget which has Teamwork.com at your fingertips when using Mail for G Suite.

Some of the ideas we have planned include: creating a task from an email, marking tasks complete from inside Gmail, creating messages from an email and even starting a timer from within Gmail.

Getting started….

To get started, log in to your Teamwork account, click Settings in the top right and choose Site Settings. On the Integrations tab add your G Suite Domain and you’re ready to install the Teamwork.com App from the G Suite Marketplace.

The Teamwork.com Google App can be installed from here

How does it work?

When you link your G Suite Domain to your existing Teamwork account, any user from your G Suite Domain can click the Teamwork.com App link in the G Suite for Business Universal Navigation Bar and seamlessly access their Teamwork account.

Each person who accesses Teamwork.com from the Universal Navigation Bar for the first time will be asked if they’d like to approve authentication requests. They only need to approve once and from then on will be logged in automatically.

As part of the authentication process we’ll ask for permission to access the user’s email address. We’ll use this email address to match to a user in your Teamwork account.

If we can’t find a matching user, we’ll automatically create a user account on Teamwork for them and add them to the Owner company. We will not give them access to any projects though, so an Administrator will need to grant access to each brand new user.

Hope you find this integration useful and keep an eye out for the future enhancements we’ve planned!