This month’s main feature release is a good one. We’re ready to unveil a popular request that we’ve been working on for some time, in all of its glorious utility. It is Drag & Drop Uploads! Now, to upload a file to your Teamwork account, all you have to do is drag it from your desktop to anywhere in your Teamwork site. Here are several ways in which this feature can be very useful.

Uploading to a project

If you drag a file over any page within a project, a prompt will appear at the top of the window asking you to drop the file to begin uploading to the project. Once you drop it, the prompt will slide up and a thin progress bar will take it’s place. If you hover over this bar, individual upload progress is displayed along with overall time remaining. While your uploads are running, you can continue to use TeamworkPM — navigating to other pages, creating tasks etc., and the uploads will continue in the background. Once the files are up, a message is displayed and you can view the uploads in the Files section right away.

New Feature: Drag & Drop Uploads | Teamwork Projects

Attaching files to items

At the moment you can select files to be attached to an item (task/message/comment), but now you can simply drop them in. The files will begin uploading immediately and the progress of each file is displayed to give you an idea of how long it will take to complete. Once the uploads are done, you can save the item you are editing and get back to that all important game of Bomberman. So now instead of 4 clicks, it’s one quick drag and you’re done!

Paste images

As well as dragging files from your desktop/finder/explorer, you can paste images anywhere you can drop them. So if you have an image in your clipboard, whether captured using print screen (on Windows) or copied from Photoshop etc., just press Ctrl+v or Cmd+v when your Teamwork tab is selected and the copied image will begin uploading; it’s really as easy as that.

Dragging to a non-project page

If you are on a page in your Teamwork account that isn’t associated with a project (Everything page, Settings etc.) and drop a file, you will be asked to choose a project to attach the file(s) to.

Browser Support

This feature is available to users of the following browsers:

  • Opera v12.0+

  • Chrome v4.0+

  • Firefox v3.5+

  • IE 10.0+

  • Safari v3.10+