Have you ever been out and about and received an email notification on your mobile device that a Task or Milestone has been assigned to you or a Comment on a Task has been added and you want to mark it complete quickly?
Now you can simply reply to the email with a simple directive and the Task will be marked complete. You can even re-open Tasks via email if another person marks the Task as done and you feel it’s not.
We’ve allowed a few variations on the directives:

  • #Complete
  • #Completed
  • #Done
  • #Uncomplete
  • #Reopen
  • #Open
  • #NotDone
  • #Reopened

It’s really easy to do and will work on any email notification relating to a Task or Milestone, such as the assignment emails, edited emails, comments on task/milestone notification and the complete/reopened emails. Simply reply to the email with #Complete or #Uncomplete.
New Feature: Complete or Uncomplete tasks and milestones by replying to email notifications | Teamwork Projects
We went one step further and merged the Complete/Uncomplete directives with adding a comment. If you only reply with a directive, we’ll mark the Task or Milestone complete/reopened; but if you use a directive and add more text underneath the directive we’ll mark the Task or Milestone complete/reopened and also add the extra text as a comment.
We hope you’ll enjoy this small but useful enhancement to the reply-by-email functionality. We plan to extend this to the Milestone notification emails in the next few days.
Update: (15th November 2012)
Milestones can now be marked complete/reopened by replying to Milestone-related emails.