Exciting times in CRM as we move closer to releasing what has been the number one customer request over the past number of months: yes, an email solution is coming! 

The answer to this is quite simple! The majority of sales interactions and conversations take place over email. Without a dedicated email solution, Teamwork CRM was potentially missing crucial elements of the sales conversation and information was then being split between Teamwork CRM and the sales rep’s email inbox. This was not efficient and does not represent the ideal process for our customers. 

Therefore the Teamwork CRM team has dedicated a lot of their resources over the first half of this year, working on bringing our email solution into CRM.  Now, we’re ready to start showing it to the world. To that end, we’ll be hosting a webinar this Friday, where we will showcase the new Teamwork CRM email solution.

With this new solution, you’ll be able to sync your email inbox and access it directly from Teamwork CRM. You’ll be able to connect individual mails to specific deals and easily create new contacts directly from your emails. And on top of all that, you’ll be able to send and receive emails from directly within the deal. Put all that together and you’ve got a complete overview of the deal right in Teamwork CRM, with nothing falling through the cracks, increasing your team’s productivity and saving you time. 

In addition, when you pass the client on to the next stage of the customer lifecycle, the team working with the client will be able to see the conversation history you’ve had during the sales process. This means that they can get a much deeper understanding of what the client is expecting during their relationship with your company, and how that expectation has been set, and allows you to ensure a consistent customer experience throughout their journey. 

We’re very excited about bringing the email solution into Teamwork CRM, and can’t wait to preview it on the upcoming webinar, which will be held on Jul 24, 2020 5:00 PM BST. Join us by registering here.

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