We are always looking at ways to help make using TeamworkPM more efficient for you all.

These may just be tiny tweaks but they can have a big impact on the time it takes to achieve certain tasks. If we can remove a single step that may be required each time a new project is created, it can really add up to a massive saving in time for people.

This month, after quite a lot of feedback, we have added an extra option to default permissions for user templates. It’s now possible to make new users added to projects ‘Project Administrators’ by default.

As you can imagine, if you created a new project with a number of users, ticking this extra permission box for all users can be very time consuming.

To make a change to your user templates, just click on Settings in the top right hand corner of your account and select Templates.

Scroll down the page till you see the “New user on project” option.

Click on “Change” for the group of users you wish to edit, and you will now see the new option to set users as a Project administrator at the top of the list.

As with all our features, big and small, we hope you find this useful and, as always, we are keen to get your feedback.