After a long week of tweaking, testing and final updates, we are happy to announce that the new calendar we have been working on is live.

This new calendar includes the following:

  • Recurring events
  • Multiple notifications for multiple people
  • Improved event insight by hovering over the event name.
  • Start and End times on events – now you can set the duration of an event
  • More information on each event – you can enter location, description etc
  • Improved privacy and sharing options – you can now have project specific events
  • Much faster load times and month switching – we re-wrote the rendering and stacking of events from the ground up
  • Event attendees – you can now mark people as attending an event and give them edit access
  • much more…

This is version 1 and we think it's pretty good. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. 

Updates are already underway and will include:

  • Bi-weekly recurring events
  • Print view
  • Day and Week views
  • plus a few surprises 😉

We wanted to get this long awaited update out the door and set a definite list of features for this initial version. People have sent us wish-list items that we have noted that may not have made it into this release. As noted above there are more features on the way.

The main app also got a few updates in this release. We'll let you guys work out what we added, fixed or updated 😉

Have a good weekend and watch the main blog and this months newsletter (Due in about 2 weeks) for a full post on the new calendar.