When you edit a Milestone, Teamwork alerts you if this date change could affect your schedule. Before this month only linked Milestones could be shifted forward. We now have added the ability to shift Milestones forward, backward and also have an option to shift associated tasks by the same amount.
To use this new feature, go through to the Milestones tab and select the Milestone which you wish to re-schedule.
Milestone Update - Teamwork Projects 2011

Select your new date using the date picker and click on Update Milestone. Once you do this you will be prompted with another screen giving you the option to ignore changes to your Milestone Schedule or to modify affected Milestones. If you don’t want to modify other Milestones, just close this dialog. If you do want to review your Milestone Schedule, proceed and select which other Milestones on the project you wish to either push back or push forward by the same duration.
We’ll show you the dates of your current Milestones and also the dates that they will be moved to. You can click Options to specify if you want weekends factored into the move and also if you want to move any associated tasks by the same duration.
Milestone Update - Teamwork Projects 2011
Milestone Update - Teamwork Projects 2011
Once you have selected the Milestones you want to shift, click Update and your project will be re-scheduled.
All that’s left now is to actually do the work and make sure you can meet these new targets.
(Unfortunately there is not much we can do to help you out here, so you better put the head down and get back to work!)