Hi, Peter Kelly here. I joined Teamwork.com at the start of March to work on Teamwork Desk as a Senior Developer. That was probably the best and worst time to join as it was one week before the initial launch of the product – lots of excitement and late nights and a party to finish it off! I have worked on pretty much every part of the product by now, but mostly I have worked on Spam Filtering and Billing.

A bit about me

I was born, and grew up, in Cobh. Although technically part of County Cork, it is another world so adjusting to moving to Cork City when I was 12 took a while, shaking off that islander mentality. 🙂

I have been married five years to Roisin. Five long, long years…nah, only joking. It’s flown by. I have two kids, Lucy & Noah, with another one on the way. Busy times and lots more sleepless nights to come.

Meet the Team at Teamwork.com – Peter Kelly and his wife
Meet the Team at Teamwork.com – Peter Kelly's family

My wife is incredibly understanding and supportive of all the time I give to Teamwork – even when I fall asleep in the office and forget to come home after a recent 24-hour Hackathon. The best thing about this was that the email my wife sent in to Teamwork wondering what happened went into Teamwork Desk (we use Teamwork Desk ourselves to manage our own support), creating a support ticket for us! We had a good laugh about that one and it was worth it because we won the Hackathon…

Peter Kelly's wife's Teamwork Desk support ticket

My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I remember putting together a little BASIC script with my older brother to make lines of text repeat X times on the screen – amazing stuff to a seven-year-old at the time! I have owned every major console since the NES with the exception of the Dreamcast. Although, I am rubbish at the newer first-person shooter stuff,I am a 2D gamer at heart. My current Dev machine is a 2015 Macbook Pro 15” Retina, Core i7, 16GB RAM running OSX Yosemite.

Studying & Working

I did my undergraduate degree in CIT in Computing and post-graduate studies in UCD in MSc in Advanced Software Engineering. My career in programming has taken me on a journey (from online banking to automotive diagnostic software to cloud identity and access management to casual gaming to digital cinema software to data centre monitoring and control software) to get me where I am today, building the best Helpdesk SaaS product out there, Teamwork Desk. I have worked as a lone developer to working in bigger teams to managing a team of nearly twenty people myself. A pretty varied career that has involved so many different technologies, project management methodologies, teams, and management. I think I have a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t work in software development at this stage!

Of all the different programming languages I have used (VB6, VB.NET, C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Go), I have to say I love working with Go, the core language we use at Teamwork.com. I don’t get into “religious” arguments about languages though. Pick the right tool for the job, but there is something so aesthetically pleasing about Golang. Thanks to Teamwork.com, I recently went to the biggest Golang conference in the world, Gophercon in Denver and it was awesome. After writing Go for a production system now and contributing back to several open-source Golang projects, I think I can start calling myself a Gopher.
Gopher Golang

I am doing what I love at Teamwork.com – coding, building stuff, in the middle of the action, helping to shape a product, close to customers, understanding what they want, and having the freedom to do my best work with a very talented bunch of colleagues. I can learn something off of every single person who works here and that is so cool.

Here are a few different ways to get in touch, see ya 🙂

twitter: pkellyonline
github: peterkellyonline
blog: peterkellyonline