Hi all,
I’m Jago, a software developer working on Teamwork Chat and the latest staff member to pass the three-month mark and write a Meet the Team at Teamwork.com post. It’s gone really well so far, I’ve only been threatened to be fired two or three times (jokingly… I hope!). I think as soon as this post goes live they’re stuck with me, so the faster this goes up the better!
The Origin Story
I can’t remember what age I first got my hands on a computer but I do remember spending hours playing SkyRoads. However, it wasn’t until I was deleting everything from the computer to make 3GB of disk space to play The Sims that I got really addicted to computers and wanted to spend my time working on them (I had grand visions of creating my own version of The Sims, which I may or may not still daydream about).
While in school, I messed around with HTML and website building tools but it wasn’t until I started college in U.C.C. that programming finally clicked. Spending long hours in the labs working out how to use Groovy to add two numbers together really got me hooked on solving problems and doing cool stuff with computers.
During college, I did a year-long internship at Microsoft and got obsessed with .NET and, strangely enough, entrepreneurship and creating my own company. This led to starting a mobile app development company with a friend. We set ourselves a goal: make as much progress as possible over one summer then review our work to see if it would be worth continuing during college. After spending our summer months inside in front of our computers instead of enjoying the (Irish) sun, we released three apps. Overall, we spent about €200 and earned $2. While the company may not have reached the heights we had hoped, we learned more than we could have imagined and we each now have a framed $1 note hanging proudly in our homes.
After college, I spent two years at AspiraCon, a .NET development company. There, I got to work on a range of both internal projects and projects for other companies. I worked with both large corporate companies and newly founded startups while in this position and that experience gave me a great insight into the different environments and dynamic structures in the diverse companies.
I started working at Teamwork in February, just after Teamwork Chat Beta was launched. Needless to say, the Teamwork Chat team were a bit sleep deprived but they still managed to give me a great welcome and it wasn’t long before I was fully kitted out with a Teamwork.com hoodie and t-shirt.
Both computer and board games are a pretty big part of my life. I’ve played computer games for years and I’ve recently gotten a little obsessed with board games. Before I started at Teamwork, I heard stories of office-wide Call of Duty games so I was, of course, looking forward to the chance to take part. I was pretty confident in my abilities until Dan put me in my place during a 1v1 match. Now I spend my spare time studying tactics, maps and getting in some target practice, waiting for the right moment to regain some dignity.
 Full-wall mural of Central Park New York City | Teamwork.com
The Present
Since I started Teamwork in February there have been massive changes: new offices have been built, Teamwork Desk was released and the Teamwork Chat Beta has come on leaps and bounds. The speed at which things get done around here really is a testament to how hard working the people here are.
Being part of the Teamwork Chat team is fantastic! The software itself is great to work on as the architecture and technologies are great to use and get stuck into. The team is brilliant; they’re not afraid to work hard, try new things and tackle difficult problems armed with a whiteboard and marker. However, I think perhaps the best part about working on Teamwork Chat, is the product; there are some really fascinating and ambitious features on the roadmap and I’m really thrilled to be a part of it.
I think my biggest contribution so far has been the implementation of cards. It was exciting to further the integration between the Teamwork Suite and receive such positive feedback from our customers.
A lot of people here seem to swear by Sublime Text, so I’ve been using it since I started but I’m not 100% sold on it yet. I might try out a different one soon so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!
So that about sums me up. If you want to get in touch feel free to drop me a tweet @jjog1.